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What We Offer


Meditation and mindfulness classes

Meditation is a fantastic tool for overcoming life's challenges, and can have truly transformational effects on every aspect of our lives. It can help us gain more control over our emotions, feel more connected to the people around us, deal with difficulty more effectively and easily, let go of negative emotions, be more present in our daily lives and fully accept and appreciate ourselves and everything around us. We offer secular mindfulness training in school and work environments as well as meditation classes for beginners and regular practitioners. See what options we have on offer.

Holistic therapies

We offer Reiki as a form of natural healing and holistic approach to therapy. Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing art and gentle, yet powerful form of energy work which can be used to support the body's own natural healing system on a physical and emotional level. Click on the tab below to learn more about the benefits of Reiki and see how we can tailor a package to suit you.


While stress is a necessary part of life in the 21st century, recent studies show that prolonged stress is one of the main contributors to most common illness we face in today’s fast paced society, and has become the most common reason for absences from work. It has never been more important to take time out from it all, and nurture our bodies and minds. At Chi-Works, we offer holistic retreats in the UK and abroad, providing a haven where you can get away from it all, learn important skills in meditation and relaxation, detox from life’s stresses and truly recharge. 


Our Practices

We offer traditional Reiki treatments from our practice centre based in Walthamstow Osteopathy & Natural Health Centre, and regular meditation classes based at the beautiful Health Works in Walthamstow Central.  


Meditation, Yoga and  Reiki Retreats