Chi-Works launches 10 Week Introduction to Meditation Course at the Health Works,28th Sep

The mind is like a muscle, it needs exercise to stay strong. Neuroscience is providing outstanding evidence that the brain is more plastic (as in its ability to be manipulated to change), than was once thought, and that by strengthening neural pathways, we can develop new ways of thinking and responding to life's challenges. Meditation is fast becoming recognised as the best way to exercise the mind and brain, and by doing so, we can drastically reduce our responses to stress and moderate anxiety and depression. Chi-Works has developed a course which will take you through the basics of meditation and how to set up a practice, and focuses on techniques which will help make your practice stick. We also offer work place wellbeing packages. Check out our Mindfulness and Meditation page on our website for more info on topics covered, venue and course fees. You can also contact us here, or go to our Eventbright page to book your place.

Watch this Ted Talk by Dr. David Vago on how mindfulness and meditation causes change in the brain.