Mindfulness, Yoga and Reiki Retreats


Modern day life is full of stresses and demands; high workloads, commuting every day, communication breakdowns, being constantly bombarded with social media and negative news headlines, and that's usually all before 9AM! No wonder we all feel the need to get away from it all and have a digital detox!!

Chi-Works retreats offer you the perfect place to de-stress and re-energise, combining all the benefits of daily meditation, yoga and Reiki to work on all levels of your wellbeing - mentally, physically and holistically. We hold retreats in beautiful settings including the breathtaking mountain regions of Spain, and the quiet countryside in the UK. A nutritious and healthy diet is provided by our live in chef, with fresh, detoxing juices daily and all meals provided using all organic, local produce where possible.

Our next retreat will be in August 2018, exact date TBC. Please register your interest by filling out the form below to receive updates about our upcoming retreats!  

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