I have only had one reiki session with Rowenna but definitely feel that I’d like to have more treatments with her. We spoke about the reasons for my wanting to have the treatment and I felt that she really understood where I was coming from. She has a very calming presence and a positive energy. I liked how she suggested things for me to introduce into my lifestyle in order for me to reduce stress and cleanse my body. The treatment itself was just gorgeous! I felt really relaxed and could feel my tensions releasing. Her hands were so warm and I could feel tingling in certain places. There was a point where I had a lot of tension in my stomach and Rowenna sensed this immediately and spent a long time in this area. After the treatment I felt completely cleansed and calm. I had been having head pains the week before and believed this to be the residue of negative thoughts from the ending of an abusive relationship. I told her that I wanted to release my connection to those thoughts and since the treatment the pains have gone! My mother also said my face looked so different: because it was relaxed! I didn’t realize I was so tense and after the treatment I was very surprised at how different I felt.
— Amy - London

I have been very lucky to meet Rowena, she has a very spiritual presence and immediately had this calming effect on me in a really positive way. I knew i wanted to invest and try reiki for the first time with her, so I booked in a session to help with what felt like a trapped nerve in my shoulder. The whole experience was incredible, like an out of body experience. I felt incredibly relaxed throughout and noticed considerably less pain immediately after. I would highly recommend Reiki with Rowenna, she is incredible.
— Amelia Jane Maule - London
I would really recomnend Rowena and her reiki treatment. She’s been helping me get more grounded and her work has been important as part of my healing process/journey. She’s calm, professional, kind and has magic energy.
— Stine Dulong - London